Monday, December 12, 2011

Tim Tebow

Man wins two national championships in college and the Heisman trophy, at Florida State, and the thing he's most well known for is his morality and Christian celibacy.

Denounced for his size and limited play style, he sits a season on the last place Denver Bronco bench behind Kyle Orton , an action that prompted his die-hard fans to buy billboard space all over Colorado advocating for his start.

Upon finally getting the starting nod halfway through the season, he racks up enough wins to put Denver in first place in the division through what have become trademark 4th quarter comebacks.

He's this polemic force of nature, lining his own stat column with figures that would make Kyle Boller embarrassed but filling the win-loss column with numbers that'd fill any Bronco fan with glee.

The man is beautiful: everything about him, from his lifestyle choices to his successful challenge of what it means to be a professional athlete in the most physically taxing sport there is, defies every cynical thing that I've come to know in sports.

The man makes you believe that not only can you be better, but that everyone else can better better. No, it's more than that. You have to be better if you're going to keep up with him, in everything you do.

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