Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Just give me faith; make me believe."

This is one of my favorite Dave Matthews Band songs of all time called "Save Me."
I've been writing my final paper in this class in reference to Milton's Paradise Lost, which offers a different perspective on the Christian creation story. Since it is from Satan's perspective, God is portrayed as a distant character who unjustly banishes Satan to Hell, which is presented as a prison-like environment.
I feel that "Save Me" would be an appropriate song to pair with Paradise Lost with lines like: "I said, 'How 'bout a drink or a bite to eat?' He said 'No, my faith is all I need." So then save me, mister walking man, if you can." This line borders on doubt and necessity in a person's relationsihp with God because Matthews highlights the absurdity of living purely off of faith, yet challenges God to save him in order to have faith be his only necessity.
I find that, because these ideas are so cyclical and dependent, they are beautiful because you can make an argument for faith or against faith using the same lines from Milton's poem/Matthews' song.
"Save Me" from Some Devil by Dave Matthews

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