Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Little Bunny That Could

I don't think anyone will find this picture beautiful without the context so I would like to point out that this picture was taken last year the day after we had that amazing blizzard (when we had a snow day) and I believe this little bunny was grazing on that patch of grass on the lake-side of Coffey Hall. As you can tell in this picture, it was so windy in this particular area that the grass had been practically stripped of snow (where in other places it was piled as high as my shoulder!), and this determined critter decided to take advantage of the sparse, dry, and very cold grass and do some grazing. The phrase "when life gives you lemons" comes to mind here. I always expect to see bunnies and squirrels jumping around campus in warmer weather, but I was shocked to see this little bunny in those conditions, and it really made my day.

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