Thursday, November 3, 2011

How Beauty Feels

As i was searching (the best site ever) I stumbled upon this video by Richard Seymour about what he thinks about beauty. Instead of saying we think beauty, Seymour believes that people feel beauty. I found this very interesting because many philosophers have the opposite opinion; they believe beauty is found through reason not emotions.

In his own words, he states, "beauty is in the limbic system of the beholder". By this, he means that people feel beauty before they are mentally able to process it, and things become beautiful through this emotional bond formed between you and the object. As a designer, Seymour wants to see what people finds beautiful, and he is searching for that emotional connection made in the brain so he can play off of that connection and design things that will be considered beautiful by people. I don't want to give the entire 17 minute video away, but it's very cool and he has some interesting "beautiful" examples with BMW lights, plastic water bottles, and plastic bags.

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