Monday, November 28, 2011

CTA Bus Driver

I don't have a picture of this man. I do not even know his name. All I know is that at approximately 7:50pm he was driving a 151 south bound from Devon and Clark.
Let's back up a little bit.
My roommates and I were on my way from our apartment to campus. We were waiting for the bus at the stop with other CTA customers. One elderly woman had five or six huge bags of groceries and when the bus came, my roommate and I asked if she was getting on this bus or a different one. She replied in Spanish, saying that she had lost her CTA pass and did not have enough money to pay for the trip. I told her I would pay for her trip and we helped her carry her groceries onto the bus. The bus driver smiled when he saw her and asked her if she was going to the retirement home. Apparently she is one of his regular customers.
Anyway, when we came to her stop, without being asked or missing a beat, the bus driver hopped out of his seat. It seemed like before I could even blink, he had grabbed all her groceries and was helping the women across the street to her apartment building.
Then, he ran back across, jumped back in his seat and we continued our trip.
What a beautiful example of human interaction and individual kindness.

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