Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Windmill Movie

These are a couple stills from a film directed by Alexander Olch, constructed almost entirely out of shots from the unfinished autobiographical documentary Richard P. Rogers tried making but never finished before his death.
I think these images, and the film as a whole, could be appreciated through a hybrid Shaftesburian-Kantian-Hegelian lens. Design with purpose without always grasping the purpose and not caring, since the experience of the idea is relayed through the object as experience of viewing and judging, while moving beyond what the object alone can accomplish.

Here's also a link to the trailer (which I think is better watched muted)--the best shot from the entire documentary, one which exemplifies form allowing one to experience a concept, lasts from oo:54 to 00:57 and is of a sailboat boom pushing through tall grass.

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