Monday, October 3, 2011

Mother Nature's Mood Ring

I often go out of my way just to walk by the lake, and I used to think I'd eventually get tired of the sight of it and not pay it much interest anymore, but it's been two years and I'd still rather walk behind the IC than cross in front of it (unless, of course, I need to go inside). I have always felt that it is a stunningly beautiful sight, and I've realized that it's a little different every day (which is why I've yet to tire of it). Whether it's eerily still and silvery, like a gigantic mirror, or grey and turbulent, covered with violent, frothy waves, or even just a particularly pleasing shade of blue, the lake is always beautiful. I'd like to go on listing all the memorable views of the lake, but I'm sure you've all seen many of them, and they do reoccur sometimes (and it's breath-taking every time!). The reason I titled this post "Mother Nature's Mood Ring" is just because of the particular way I like to look at the lake. If I look at it for a while, it takes on a mood, and it often matches the weather (obviously because it mirrors the sky, but it's still a charming coincidence). During very wintry weather, the waves breaking upon the shore are often just as impressive as the howling wind. During a calm, cloudless, late spring morning, the lake is a cheery blue with serene, rippling surface. And darkness falls, the lake is just as black and mysterious as the night itself.

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