Monday, October 17, 2011

Michael Earl Craig


I'm awakened at 3 AM to the sound of an owl.
It takes me a minute to find my glasses.
I press my face to the window.
A silver flash crosses the yard.
It settles into an owl shape on a nearby post.
My nose and eyes are stinging.
A stinging behind my face.
Like some kind of problem behind a billboard.
Why would a man look at an owl and start to cry?
My body is trying to reject something.
I have no idea what that is.
The owl is sitting in the moonlight.
The yard is completely still.

This poem ghosts in and out of the situation and even the point of view, and uses a sort of "objective correlative" in a way I think Hegel acknowledges in beauty: the coalescence of content and configuration. Here, the subject is realized through the object, or the situation/event. Human feeling and life is expressed through the form and appearances as one entity. The subject discovers itself as the reader does, necessarily through what is provided objectively.

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