Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grace Lee Boggs

Grace Lee Boggs is a 95 year old woman, daughter of Chinese immigrants, who is arguably one of the most important American activists. She has been a part of the labor, civil rights, Black Power, women's, Asian American, environmental justice, and antiwar movements. I have just started reading her most recent work, The Next American Revolution, and these words, although copyrighted in April of this year, seem to mirror current events. Aside from that, Boggs claims that much of her personal philosophy was inspired by her reading of Hegel, so I felt this would be an appropriate time to post her words.

"This movement has no central leadership and is not bound together by any ism. Its very diverse and widely scattered individuals and groups are connected mainly by the Internet and other information technologies. But they are joined at the heart by their commitment to achieving social justice, establishing new forms of more democratic governance, and creating new ways of living at the local level that will reconnect us with the Earth and with one another. Above all, they are linked by their indomitable faith in our ability to create the world anew."

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