Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Will Hunting Clip


Good Will Hunting is filled with tons of beautiful scenes that are not only moving, but extremely beautiful. The clip I picked is between the orphaned Will (Matt Damon), and the psychiatrist, Sean (Robin Williams). Sean's speech brings both Will and the audience back down to Earth. Also, Sean emphasizes how one cannot know someone based off of just outer appearances, or through just reading about what that person is going through; experiences have more value than just reading and observing. One of my favorite lines was when Sean stated how Will could read all about the Sistine Chapel, but he would never know how it smelled like. It just emphasizes the difference between experiencing and reading. There was just a lot of honesty and reality in this clip. Furthermore, even though this conversation was between Sean and Matt (a concrete particular), this conversation can apply universally to all humankind.

The fact that this scene made me reflect on myself, and the acting completely moved me is enough for me to call it beautiful.

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