Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cathedra Sancti Petri cum Lauriis

I'm on an architecture kick currently, and so I wanted to choose something that not only served to demonstrate the beautiful (if ostentatious), but also the importance of proportion. The picture if of the apse of the St. Peter's Basilica in rome. Above the altar is the chair of St. Peter, above which is a stained glass window at the center of which is what appears to be a tiny dove.
The dove's wingspan is six feet.
Likewise, the lettering of the Credo that wraps around the band at the juncture of wall and dome is seven feet tall. The only thing preventing these elements from becoming grotesque is near-perfect proportion. Architects have got to be mathematical geniuses, because instead the human eye is able to adjust to this grand scale in such a way as to make it palatable. Now, whether you like all of that intermingled gold and bronze is another question entirely, but mathematically speaking, this is tops.

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