Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Mr. Vladimir Putin (the Russian Prime Minister) pictured as a Russian Czar. The picture itself is humorous but what I find beautiful is what it represents. No joke! This guy steals (allegedly), kills (even more allegedly), threatens and breaks a whole lot of rules. His people know all about it (or about the majority of it) and LOVE him. Now, the Russians are kind of predisposed to the whole blindly follow/love your leader behavior, but even in the frosty East this kind of PR work is astounding. Everything and I mean everything this guys does publicly contributes to this perfect image of him. He is strong- he practices martial arts and hold down tigers (no, seriously, tigers!). He doesn't BS- he speaks in direct, stubby sentences and gets right to the point. He is educated but he is still one of the regular Russians, the every-man, Ivan the plumber, if you will. He is like SuperPres. His PR people are brilliant. As a PLSC nerd I find this beautiful.

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