Monday, September 12, 2011

So This is What Infinity Looks Like

The Unbearable Beauty of the Night Sky

Though I'm not quite sold on the qualifier "unbearable" I believe the title of the video delivers everything it promises. I'm not entirely certain what exact thing makes the night sky captured in this video so beautiful. Is it purely visual: the twinkling of billions upon billions of tiny bright lights against a dark blue-black-purple backdrop? Is it what the visual represents: a seemingly endless infinity, or the realization that our lives and our world is nothing more than a drop of water in an endless ocean? Or is it the beauty the fact that this video was made possible by extremely advanced technology created by humankind? Is there really any single thing responsible for the beauty of this video, or is the beauty a culmination of all the potentially beautiful aspects? There are probably many more ways in which this video is beautiful, different reasons for different people, but does this make any of these ways more or less valid?

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