Thursday, September 22, 2011

Open Heart Surgery

While I was at work yesterday, I was lucky enough to watch an open heart surgery. At first, it was a little gross to watch the surgeons cut someone open since there was a lot of blood flowing everywhere, and I could see the actual heart pumping. But after a while, I saw it as very beautiful. Watching this surgery transformed a lot of biology concepts that i've learned from abstract to concrete, and it made me appreciate the human body so much more and find it more beautiful. Also, the surgery's process was so perfectly organized, and it went so smoothly that i found the process to be beautiful in itself. Finally, the fact that humans have the ability to understand how the body works and save one another is another beautiful concept to me.

I would have loved to take a video of the surgery from yesterday, but I wasn't allowed to due to privacy rules. So I found a youtube link that shows about people's opinions of open heart surgery and some footage of doctors performing an open heart surgery. Take a look if you like!

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