Monday, September 26, 2011

Midnight and Moonlight and Bright Shining Stars

I have loved Emily Bronte's works for a very long time, and I find her poems to be as stunning as her novel, and the one below I find to be beautiful. Yes, it's about the natural world, which I am obviously very fond of, but it is not just the subject that attracts me, it is the structure of the poem itself, the combination of the imagery and all the poetic devices render this poem a thing of beauty for me. The poem is about a thunderstorm crashing through a wild landscape, and gait of the poem really mirrors that of the storm. Now, I am no fan of wild and crazy weather, but the way Bronte describes this particular storm makes wish I could be in the middle of it to experience it all, for she makes it seem truly beautiful.

High waving heather, 'neath stormy blasts bending,
Midnight and moonlight and bright shining stars;
Darkness and glory rejoicingly blending,
Earth rising to heaven and heaven descending,
Man's spirit away from its drear dongeon sending,
Bursting the fetters and breaking the bars.

All down the mountain sides, wild forest lending
One mighty voice to the life-giving wind;
Rivers their banks in the jubilee rending,
Fast through the valleys a reckless course wending,
Wider and deeper their waters extending,
Leaving a desolate desert behind.

Shining and lowering and swelling and dying,
Changing for ever from midnight to noon;
Roaring like thunder, like soft music sighing,
Shadows on shadows advancing and flying,
Lightning-bright flashes the deep gloom defying,
Coming as swiftly and fading as soon.

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