Monday, September 19, 2011

Mario Castillo Painting

This painting is entitled Las memorias antiguas de la raza del maguey aun respiran. It (very roughly) translates to The Old Memories of the Race of the Maguey Still Breathe. It depicts a multitude of beautiful scenes and events, all of which are interconnected: there are continuous lines which weave in and out of every scene. The first part of the painting that grabbed my attention was the Universal (literally, the Universe) Mother nursing her son.

You can see the continuous dotted line enter and exist the mouth and nostrils of the son and mother, respectively. The use of light and dark in this section of the painting fascinates me as well.

I didn't even spot my favorite part of the painting until I had been enjoying it for at least ten minutes:

This little bird has a human baby inside of it! I can't really explain why, but I really think this detail is awesome. It very much implies the interconnected relationships between nature and humankind. Aside from that, this baby can either be a starting point or an ending point (perhaps both?) for the continuous line (or Ray of Life as I like to call it) in the painting.

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