Monday, September 26, 2011

Loyola Shuttle

Today, I don't have a picture, quote, or video to post. Rather I'd like to share a moment that I found refreshing today. I was taking the Loyola Shuttle downtown and the bus was packed. As always, most students had headphones in and were listening to their iPods. As packed as it was, no one was really engaging in conversation. We had been on the bus for about fifteen minutes when I heard a familiar sound: an iPhone ringtone. I figured someone was getting a call and didn't pay too much attention. Then I heard a different ring tone. And then another one. And another one. I realized that someone on the shuttle was testing out every ringtone on their cell phone but they didn't think anyone could hear; he was wearing headphones but they weren't plugged in all the way. Most of the other passengers probably had no clue since it wasn't very loud and they had headphones in themselves but it was just a quirky moment that brightened my day.

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