Sunday, September 11, 2011

If you look at this man from the knees up, you might not be able to tell anything different about him. But as you go further down his body, his stance becomes more and more femme-y. The rolled-up pant legs and the seafoam flats that match his t-shirt are adorable! It is only then that I notice how pink his cheeks are, how serene his gaze is, and how he almost seems to be holding back his jubilance.

The fact that he is standing outside in what appears to be a typical suburban area makes me even happier. I imagine he is either secure enough to be an out sissy, or he is engaging in some sort of D/s feminization or humiliation (which may be another explanation for his ruddy complexion). No matter what, this picture is beautiful because of its down-to-earth sexiness, openness, and defiance. It also reminds me of a queer version of some of the street fashion in The Sartorialist which I hope to post soon.

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