Monday, September 5, 2011


This is a swimwear advertisement from the 1950s. I only know that it is a swimwear advertisement because of the caption under the photo on the website I saw it on. The details in the photo create a more compelling image with a story that is hard to grasp. The woman’s right arm mirrors the motion of the cactus, which makes it appear as if she is bending the plant with some type of power. The out of place pointy hat she is wearing promotes the idea of sorcery. The textures are also interesting: the smooth sand, the patterned swimsuit, the lines on the chair, and the design of the table. Although the swimsuit is beautiful, the real beauty is that the scene in the photo elicits so many questions that one may forget that it is advertising a swimsuit. Therefore, it is not its function that is beautiful, but that it seems to fail its initial function and instead creates a new more interesting one.

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