Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Sitting around a fire is something people have been doing for almost as long as there have been people. I find this impressive, though it may not necessarily add to the beauty of a fire, which I will elaborate here. I find that I am enchanted by the way the flames change color and shape, how they seem to dance and then send up sparks like hundreds of fireflies, and then disappear. I love the sound a fire makes when it crackles, and I adore the smell of wood smoke (most wood smoke). It's not just the fire itself that is beautiful, but the moments that happen around the fire, be it in a fireplace, or a pit outside. When you sit around it with your friends and you're so close you feel as though your eyelashes must have singed off by now, and then you lean back or look up and it feels as though you're now facing an Arctic breeze (and you realize that your eyelashes are indeed still there). There is just so much fun that accompanies sitting socially around a fire: singing, laughing, and even s'mores! And who can object to the idea of sitting around a fireplace, huddled up in an especially warm blanket, reading a good book and sipping hot cocoa? I am attaching a picture of a small fire to enhance my post, but I would like to point out once more that it is more than just the look of the fire (especially in one single moment) that I find beautiful.

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