Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Emotion through movement

This is a video of a performance that I particularly find stunning. Choreographed by Wade Robson, this dance is exceedingly beautiful because it manages to capture the complexity of emotion and intimacy between two individuals far beyond the story that the lyrics able to tell. The lighting in this video is superb, casting shadows on the performers and illuminating the dark and lethal romance between the man and woman. I love how the opening choreography depicts a puppeteer manipulating his marionette, until she (literally) spins him with her own thread of power and grounds him. I think it is brilliant that for a moment the "lovers" start to dance in unison, showing how they are in this mutually destructive relationship. This dance shows vulnerability, sensuality, and sexual tension that I cannot imagine to be portrayed better than through the physical movement between two dancers such as these.

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