Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baroque Rock

This is Giovanni Kapsberger's Ciaconna, a five minute development of a particular theme in a round. Only, in a fashion quite dissimilar to 'Row Your Boat,' it rocks hardcore (in a Baroque sense). There are certain pieces of music that I cannot help feeling better about life while hearing. This is one of the more accessible ones, as my absolute favorite, 'Nella Casa dei Venti,' uses Sicilian Bagpipes and the Friscalettu, which seem to be hit-or-miss among my friends. This ciaconna uses flute, drums, and, in this arrangement, a series of guitars, because Rolf Lislevand is a guitar genius. I have also heard it with mandolin, which tends to emphasize the spidery filaments caused by the interplay of instruments as the round builds in a fashion not unlike its use in older Cuban music. The guitar is a little more robust, though, which I certainly appreciate.

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