Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This image is from the Pedro Almodovar film Atame! (Tie me up! Tie me down!) which is one of my favorite films.

The plot centers on the Antonio Banderas character being released from a psychiatric hospital and then immediately kidnapping porn-turned-movie star (Victoria Abril) in order to make her fall in love with him. The thing that the movie does really well is blend the genres of horror and romance to the point that in the final scene, after Victoria Abril's character really does fall in love with the Antonio Banderas character, it isn't entirely clear whether the ending of the movie is uplifting or absolutely terrifying.

The part that I find beautiful about this movie is that, despite its absurd premise and comic tendencies, it really is a very intense study on the nature of relationships. I chose this image to represent the film because the spanish word for wife, esposa, is the same as the word for handcuffs when made plural (esposas), which I feel is a fitting image to represent the essence of the film.

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