Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Art in the Eye of a Needle

Both Aristotle and Shaftesbury seem to agree that a mastery of proportion constitutes at least some share of the requirements necessary to produce beautiful art. For the former, beauty is impossible in a very minute creature and the latter expands upon this by claiming that a beautiful piece must preset a whole, united view. What I find beautiful about the infinitesimally small figures discussed in this news video is not that the artist breaks from this supposed generally accepted rule of aesthetics. Rather, I’m more fascinated by the use of modern tools that allows such an art form to even be produced and viewed. The statues could have been more easily crafted on a larger scale, in which case their wow factor would be lost. It is the advent of new technologies that has essentially created new art opportunities which would have been non-existent in antiquity.

(Poor Alice in Wonderland!)

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