Monday, September 12, 2011

Ars Poetica

I say I want to save the world but really
I want to write poems all day
I want to rise, write poems, go to sleep,
Write poems in my sleep
Make my dreams poems
Make my body a poem with beautiful clothes
I want my face to be a poem

I love the sincerity and subtle, somewhat nascent, exigency in the speaker’s voice. Although taken out of its broader context, this excerpt situated within Dorothea Lasky’s poem “Ars Poetica” seems to be the most representative of the term itself. What is remarkable about these lines is their apparent simplicity and underpinnings that perhaps contrast the arguments laid out in the original treatise by Horace. While a more canonical approach to the theory of “the art of poetry,” or writing about writing, might possess a distanced and clinically systematic quality, the speaker here wants to homogenize with and become the poem. The remove from a work of art is discarded for a more introspective methodology.

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